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Dipl.-Inform. Enver Haase
Software Engineer & IT Consultant

iPhone. Embedded Linux. Software Engineering & IT Consulting

Work Experience


Freelance Software Engineer & IT Consultant trading as infraLeap (Berlin, Germany). At the time of writing this I am working on a project involving the iPad2 as a control unit for embedded ARM-based devices. Past projects include a B2B trade fair presentation and the program code for the iPhone game 'Rotanoid' to be released in March 2012.

iOS; XCode; Objective-C; JavaScript; REST; XML-API; Cryptography; ARM


March 2010-December 2010

Senior Project Manager at Philips Austria GmbH (Vienna, Austria), Intellectual Property and Standards department. I reported directly to the COO, working closely with the CTO and the Product Manager. My responsibilities included running several projects at a time, both with customers and external development partners. I was responsible for architecting solutions; writing specifications; assessing and defining project scope, time and budget; project monitoring; reporting; and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.

Key successes were the initial deployment of our software solution at a first-tier supplier of telecom services and leading the initial deployment phase at Austria’s largest telecommunications company.

Project Management; Requirements Engineering Deployment and API; UML; REST; XML-API


September 2008-January 2010

Project Lead, IT Consultant for Software at StreamUnlimited GmbH (Vienna, Austria). Developing middleware and drivers, integrating with the Philips APRICO recommender engine for Set Top Boxes; providing consultancy, support and training classes for customers; responsible for API documentation; interface between partners, customers and in-house development team to evolve the API.

Project Management; Requirements Engineering API; Embedded Linux; OpenEmbedded; C/C++; UML; XML-API; SCRUM


March 2005-June 2008

Senior Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics UK, Ltd (Chertsey/Staines, United Kingdom), working on several MHP middleware implementations for digital flat screen TV sets; architect for several key components such as persistent storage, application signing and sandboxing, file system virtualisation.

MHP; DGTVi; DVB; MHEG-5; Linux & other embedded platforms; C/C++; Java; UML


November 2004-February 2005

Senior Software Architect at Emedise AB (Stockholm, Sweden), developing an MHP and Internet-based football manager game for the Italian TV market.

MHP; Java; XML-RPC; Linux


October 2001-September 2004

Software Developer at Convergence GmbH (Berlin, Germany), developing and integrating embedded software for Set Top Boxes for the Digital TV Market; especially the Multimedia Home Platform MHP and its in-house testing harness.

MHP; DVB; Java; C/C++; Linux; C/C++


November 2003

Graduated as “Diplom-Informatiker” (Master of Computer Science), Grade “gut” (good).

Diploma (M.Sc.) in Computer Science


September 2001

Diploma Thesis at Free University of Berlin (Topic: Design And Implementation Of A Free Byte Code Verifier For The Java Virtual Machine), Grade “sehr gut” (very good).

Degree Dissertation: Deep understanding of the Java platform


August 2000-August 2001

University Tutor, Computer Science,  Freie Universität Berlin, teaching Software Engineering and Processor Design principles.



March 2000-May 2000

Software Engineer, Placement at the development office of adp Gauselmann, Lübbecke, Germany (Arcade Game Manufacturers), developed in-house tools for game level design.

Microsoft Windows; C++