infraLeap. Efficiency, Embedded.

Dipl.-Inform. Enver Haase
Software Engineer & IT Consultant

iPhone. Embedded Linux. Software Engineering & IT Consulting


iPhone. iPad. iPod Touch. And of course, Android.

Together with Art Director Dieter Beck, I design and implement custom applications for you; for B2B or AppStore/Market release.

As a speciality emerging from the synergy mentioned above, we can create three-dimensional virtual worlds for you giving rise to very sophisticated, beautiful user interfaces.

Either we work in close collaboration with you during the design and implementation phases,  or we implement the product according to your specification.

Embedded Linux.

From boot loader to Board Support Package (BSP), I build and do all that is required to bring up your embedded platform for the very first time.

I create the development environment, then I either pass it on to your staff or I create the customised software you need.

For pieces of hardware yet unsupported, I develop custom drivers.

Software Engineering.

Application Software

I develop desktop application software for Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux. If desired, I develop the software using cross-platform tools so that the same software runs on multiple platforms without multiplying development or maintenance costs.

Customisation and integration

I integrate existing software with your solution, and I customise and improve the resulting system according to your needs.

Quality Assurance

By default, all software engineering work carried out by me comes with suitable test scenarios. If you already have a testing framework, I collaborate with you to fit the test cases for the newly developed code into it.

And if you would like to develop a testing framework, I can help select the right tools and create an automated test system.


I prefer to document code in-line, and to automatically create the Application Programming Interface (API) manuals using tools such as Doxygen or Javadoc.

I am experienced in writing specification documents using natural language, in drafting tools and in the Unified Modelling Language (UML).

I am fluent in English and German.

IT Consulting.

Project Management

In close collaboration with you, I lead small to medium sized teams of engineers in English or German, keeping track of project schedule, cost and scope.

I am open to program management assignments where I run multiple projects at one time to help implement your corporate strategy.


In my areas of expertise, I can train your staff while working with them on your project; or during training sessions tailored to your needs.

In your areas of expertise, I learn from you and train your customers.