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Dipl.-Inform. Enver Haase
Software Engineer & IT Consultant

iPhone. Embedded Linux. Software Engineering & IT Consulting


Enver Haase

I have been a professional computer scientist for more than ten years, and a hobby programmer and computer enthusiast for more than twenty.

I have worked in small, dynamic organisations and in large, global companies both in Germany and in the rest of Europe.

I have a strong background in engineering software for embedded devices, especially in the Digital TV and set-top box area.

While working as a multi-project manager in a global company, I learned developing iPhone software as a hobby. This I now offer as a professional service.

My main strengths include a broad set of technical and analytical skills and my drive to find solutions.

Additionally, I am very well networked professionally, both in the Berlin geographical area and the Digital TV industry. In the rare case I get stuck or in the more likely case a project quickly needs additional developers, I know whom to call!

Last but not least, continuous professional development is important to me so I keep myself up to date with technological progress and new challenges.


infraLeap, Ltd. was founded in the United Kingdom in 2008 by Alice Shearring and Enver Haase.

infraLeap Germany was founded in 2011 by Enver Haase.